Jersey Grading Guide


Will be a mix of brand new with tags, flawless, close to brand new and some with minor, minor imperfections.

Very Good

Not quite excellent and not quite good. The Europa League of our collections. Might contain some minor bobbling and material pulls, stronger staining, sponsors logo and prints will be in very good condition.


Still good enough to impress your mates with. More bobbling and material pulls that in previous gradings, jersey might be a bit more worn with imperfections to sponsor and/or print.


Seen more than their fair share of training sessions, 5-a-sides and trips to the pub. Imperfections will vary from quite a bit of bobbling and material pulls, staining and damage to sponsor and/or name-set.


You’ll mostly find these in the clearance section due to the amount of imperfections. Relegation contenders.